About Us

cubitfinance.com is a Fintech Platform incepted in December 2019 .Cubitfinance.com is formed to sell financial service primarily focusing on Indian internet users, starting with financial vertical. Enhancing its financial hands to all major locations of the country.

cubitfinance.com is an online portal of Cubit Finance Private Limited which helps to make finance available at the fingertips for every earning individual of India.

We started with the aim of making the complete loan process as easy as possible so that every individual can have access to credit easily. Cubit finance is one of the major digital lending platforms in the country which uses technology and analytics tools for analyzing and processing customers loan application so that we can help our customers to get money with minimum documents in their account in as less as 48 hours.

We believe the way we have used our technology will help everyone to meet their financial requirement in just one click. Being a Fintech company we have provided a single platform where the customer will get access to all kind of loan products i.e Personal Loan, Business Loan, Home Loan, Mortgage Loan.

Cubit finance is on a verge of transforming the banking industry with its unique product of Insta Loan and a platform where a customer can check his eligibility for multiple banks and also apply for that bank instantly. We found that maximum loan applications get rejected as a borrower has inadequate knowledge of his eligibility for a bank.So we made it easy for the customer to find their eligibility in one click and instantly apply for the loan. We are a Fintech company focusing on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME loans) and personal loans for a salaried person offering them a hassle-free, simple online application reducing the application processing time.

We are the only platform in the industry who is lending as well providing relevant information about loans and whom to approach for loans.

The only vision of Cubit finance is to provide the loan to every customer approaching it, either through our lending or from other financial institutions where ever he is eligible. To make this possible we are utilizing technology which is providing simple and great experience to our customers.